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Forest Rising

The forest was dense with trees and bushes, its shade cool and calming. I was sitting in that shade, among the bushes, gathering the magical berry of the northwest, the blue (Cascade) huckleberry. Such an activity up in the northern … Continue reading

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The Crossing

This is a story about what I hadn’t seen but could imagine. It started when my wife announced, “I saw two deer crossing the lane, at the railroad crossing”. “Railroad crossing?”, I asked“Yes” I thought, why not? I’ve been a … Continue reading

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“Bitterroot” is a strange name for a place. Yet that is the name given to a beautiful valley in western Montana. The Bitterroot is a plant, now the state flower of Montana, grown on drier mountain slopes. It was well … Continue reading

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The Roar

The cold moist air comes from the north, gathering its heft in the Gulf of Alaska. As it heads south, it runs into range after range and as it rises to pass over them, it condenses and drops it’s moisture … Continue reading

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