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My land is many peoples, long histories, open space, magic light.

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Highlights: Some Of My Favorites

My whole photo life I’ve looked for that next shot. Recently, however, I decided to look back, even way back, and remember the places, challenges, and discoveries of my past lives. From 1996 to 2000 I used Hasselblad 500C medium format film cameras to get a larger original (4x the size of 35mm media, in a square format). I used it hard, far and wide and often, frequently traveling with Mark and Linda Whiting. 
I’ve now again gathered the 20-year-old film, cleaned it as best I could, made new scans,  retrieved old scans, and processed the results.  This is the first of three collections: Landscapes, Villages, Landscapes.

Bristlecone Reaching(CaEast-)

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Bristlecone Reaching(CaEast-)

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Next Up? I’ve spent 15 years traveling to Montana. It’s time to update those memories.

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