About The Images And Words

My images and words are my creations. They arise from magical places and times on my journeys, while I stand on the shoulders of giants who entice and guide me. 

If you want to see the best images in my galleries, go to Prints, Publications & Shows.

If you want to wander around in some of my Favorite Places go here
If you want to wander around in my Favorite Stuff go here

If you want to wander around in words go to “Images with Words” along the right side of these pages.

I learned my craft shooting Black & White images. Go here to see some of them.

My long-time mentor has been Rod Klukas.

The images have been shot over a long period of time, using different equipment, Large Format(4×5) (ArcaSwiss, Rodenstock) to Medium Format (6×6 & 6×4.5 ) (Hasselblad, Mamiya) to 35 mm film (Nikon, Leica, my father’s camera Voigtlander camera from 1950), digital cameras (Leica, Panasonic, FujiFilm) and my iPhone, straight and with added filters. Each format has its advantages.

My current main unit is a Medium Format digital camera (FujiFilm). If light and quick is needed, I use my smaller micro four thirds mirrorless digital camera (Panasonic), or my ever-trusty iPhone.

My words are mostly developed in a writing application, Scrivener

I use both Galleries and Collections while I develop themes, so appearances will vary. The Galleries are the top ones on the Great Places and the Good Stuff pages. The Collections are the lower selections. They are for work in progress or casual sharing.

If there are images of interest to you, please contact me.
I will work to meet your needs.

(All images have been prepared on a calibrated monitor. They’ll look best if you use one.)

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